Correction. . .Life is Tough.

My sweet, hubby. . .who’s freakishly adept at both editing/fact checking and knowing the names of songs, artists, years of release and such. . .kindly pointed out a needed correction to my post yesterday.  Apparently, I was mistaken.  The shirt from the Randy Stonehill concert and the song of the same title is actually “Life is Tough.  God is good.”  Whoops.  What’s funny is the title, “Life is hard.  God is good,” is actually also a song title from the 1990’s by a singer named Pam Thum whom I’d never heard of before he filled me in today.  Both songs are easily found on YouTube if you’d like to actually listen to them.  What’s more remarkable. . .he hasn’t even read my post yet, still somehow managed to fact check it.  In fact, I’m not sure he’s read any of my posts to date.  But, to be fair, he’s been living with me and hearing me think out loud for over 16 years and is very often a sounding board for ideas whether he wants to be or not!

So, pardon my mistake.  And thanks to my song genius husband who caught it first so I could give correct credit where credit is due!


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