Month: January 2016

Just. Living.

So, I’m beginning a blog. . .again. . .no, really, this time I’m going to stick with it. . .I had to come up with a name, domain, etc.  I thought conscionable existence sounded like a great idea.  I My loving husband laughed.  No one will know how to spell that or perhaps what it means without looking it up.  But it summed up what I’d like to talk about in my writing.  Nearly everything that I do is based on conviction, conscience, faith.  I looked up the meaning of the word, “conscionable-being in conformity with one’s conscience; just,”  (  That’s exactly what I was trying to express.  But he still said no way, not a good name.  For the record, we always have this kind of conversation when choosing names for things:  our farm, our pets, our children.  So he said to look up synonyms for the word and there is was “just.”  That’s it.  Just living.  Just – honest – conscionable- living.  

Just. Living.  Living by my conscience and doing things because I believe in them.  This is what my life has been about and it covers the breadth of so many choices I’ve made and so many things I’d like to share.  So, here goes.




Samaritan Ministries In a Nutshell

Samaritan Ministries, Int’l is a health care sharing ministry.  It is an organization set up with the biblical model of “bearing one another’s burdens” as their purpose.  Members directly share and help one another deal with unexpected medical expenses due to illness or accident.  Our family has been a member of Samaritan Ministries for over 11 years now.  We joined when we had only 2 children.

Each month, I get a newsletter in the mail and in that mailing is a shareslip which tells me the specific need of another member and their address.  I’m asked to pray for them, send them a note of encouragement and send them my monthly share which at this time for a family is $405.00.  The ministry has a fancy computer program (and a whole bunch of smart guys who write and run it) which helps them allocate or divide up all the needs (medical bills) and available shares each month.

In return, whenever I have a qualifying need I can send in the required paperwork to Samaritan Ministries and my need will be shared amongst the members.  This process usually takes about 2 months from the time that I submit all the paperwork.

When I go to a doctor’s office or medical visit of any kind I tell them that I am self-pay.  They bill me directly and are typically quite willing to set up a payment plan until the need is shared by Samaritan members and all the funds get to me directly.  As soon as I receive the shares (and lovely cards, notes and words of encouragement) from the other members, I pay off my remaining medical bills.

That’s it in a nutshell.   It’s a pretty amazing thing.  Thousands of other Christian families and individuals who truly “have my back” in case of medical emergencies.  I love being a member and would never go back to insurance!

To find out more about Samaritan Ministries you can visit their website here.